3D Scanning Machine

Come and experience the luxuries and attractions our studio supplies with Our trained in-house scanning team, book an appointment at your convenience. To have an experience like no other as our team ensures comfortability and professionalism.

At studio 1839

We use our advanced LED & Infrared light sourced 3D scanning machine that creates a 360 scan of you as you hold a pose for just under 15 seconds.


We offer

In the comfort of your own home. Our trained scanning team comes to you, at your convenience.

Portable Scans!

We use our portable handheld LED & Infrared light sourced 3D scanning device that creates a 360 scan of you as you hold a pose for just under 3 minutes.



Hire our venue for your next event!

Come and experience the luxuries and attractions our studio can offer you as we design packages catered to your desires.

If it's for a party, celebration, shoot or pre-gathering. our studio is worth hiring out for an evening or a day.

A great location! In the heart of Brisbane, the studio space offers room for 50 guests and catering opportunities. Studio 1839 can deliver you services that no other venues can.

Book a consultation meeting now where our team can bring your aspirations to a reality.

Hire Us For Your Next Event!

That's right, we come to events too!  Why hire a traditional photo booth when you can go beyond with hiring our Scanning gun to capture the memories of you and your celebration in a 3 dimensional style.

  • Weddings & Cake Toppers

  • School formal

  • Graduation

  • Sports team

  • Baby shower

  • Bridal shower

  • Hens/Bucks night

  • Birthday party.

We can come and capture your special memories!

Your Figurine can come in many sizes!

As we offer the chance to get multiple scans & prints, we also offer you a range of multiple sizes.

9cm (KIDS)




Too many to choose from right!?

Lucky for you we keep all of our scans on file so you can come back any time and get yours re-printed at any size!

Unsure about a gift and want to get a loved one a lifelike 3D figurine of themselves?

Make your next present personal. Purchase an 1839 gift card/ E-gift card! you pick the price and we make it happen. This is the perfect present and suitable for any occasion.

Gift Cards available!

Want to protect and show off your Mini you?

Our deluxe display case comes in 3 sizes to fit your figurine. Be sure to purchase one with your scan or when you pick it up.


Because our handcrafted designs are made so intricately and uniquely to capture you in the highest quality, our prices vary based on what you desire and the requirements within your figurine and occasional preference.

To provide you with the best service and tailor our offerings to your specific needs please reach out to us to enquire, get a quote or have any more questions.