About us

We are a small business that has the heart to capture the memories of people and offer more than just an ordinary photo but a personal tangible keepsake. We love meeting people and learning about all of you, building more than just a surface-level connection. We are honoured that you have picked us to be a part of capturing you in this moment of your life.

1839 is the first 3D scanning services provided in Australia. Founded by Dong. Having experience starting a small business at Sunday markets to transitioning into a permanent store at Eat Street Northshore. Dong continued his mission to connect with people through business by starting 1839. Not long after Monae joined him in his mission to build the buisness. Monae with a bachelor in film and experience in creative arts industry. Each brings a different perspective to the environment.

Our figurines are hand crafted and one of a kind capturing every intricate detail of you in this moment of time.




Our Vision

At 1839, we envision a digital sanctuary where cherished memories transcend the ordinary and become timeless works of art. Step into a realm where real-life moments are meticulously crafted into exquisitely detailed miniature figures, each capturing the essence of your most treasured experiences

Immerse yourself in the artistry of 1839, where every miniature figure is a testament to authenticity, passion, and the profound significance of your unique journey. Explore our curated collections, from commemorating special occasions to custom creations that mirror the intricacies of memories.

As you navigate our digital atelier, envision more than just a purchase; picture an investment in tangible legacies, a bridge between the past and the present. Welcome to a space where emotions are sculpted, and stories are immortalized.

Join us in offering you a tangible and deeply personal way to relive the beauty of your life's narrative. Your story, our artistry preserving memories, creating legacies, and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary. Welcome to 1839, where sentiment meets art in every meticulously crafted detail.